FTCRoot will end on December 1


Thanks for using FTCRoot, it was a fun journey as the quest to obtain event data.

In just under 2 months we were able to develop this website and begin collecting event data. And by the end of the season, with the help of mentors, FTC Affiliates, and students, we amassed almost the entire continental US with over 51 regions accounted for and 450+ events!
It was a fun journey for us all!

Thank you Bill Gardner (A.K.A. Cheer4FTC) for his dedication to FTC and helping consolidate all the event information
and thanks to John Nguyen (FTCStats) and Ken Pugsley (MoFTCScores) for their collaboration as well as everyone who has helped obtain event data!

For now, if you want up to date events The Orange Alliance should be your go to central site! Thanks to Alex Fera for taking the reigns and making an even better site!

We'll be helping make The Orange Alliance the best so go check it out!

Btw. THe only updated part of the website for 2018 is Game rule clarifications! Check it out :P

This site and the 2017 velocity vortex game will still be forever housed on http://ftcroot.herokuapp.com

--- Kevin Fang (TheReddKing)
ChaosMonkeyz 11090

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Also the locations are approximations based off of zipcode